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March 10, 2017

Instructive Videos and Links for Expat and International US Taxpayers

Three new videos are now available on the IRS YouTube page, and several more of interest to taxpayers abroad will be released in coming weeks. Now available are:
Upcoming videos will deal with the foreign tax credit, filing status for a U.S. taxpayer married to a foreign spouse and an introduction to the IRS web site for international taxpayers.

The IRS has also added two new international tax topics to Tax Trails, the agency’s interactive online tool that helps taxpayers get answers to their general tax questions.
The new topics are:
The International Taxpayers page on is packed with information designed to help taxpayers living abroad, resident aliens, nonresident aliens, residents of U.S. territories and foreign students. Among other things, the web site features a directory of overseas tax preparers.

This is all very complex and often confusing. If you need professional help email us at for professional CPA and tax attorney assistance.  We have been doing US International taxes and US expatriate and Nonresident taxes for over 30 years.  Visit our website at 

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