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June 26, 2004

Corporate Tax Equilization Policies for Executives Working Abroad

Corporate tax equilization policies are not always fair to corporate executives working abroad. If you participate in such a program and suspect it is not fair, you can have it reviewed by an expert to determine if you are actually benefiting. If you live in a low tax country, in most instances no tax equilization is better than equiliztion. That will often leave you with much more money in your pocket.

June 11, 2004

1031 Tax Free Exchanges Outside of US

1031 Tax Free Real Estate Exchanges are not allowed out of or into the US to or from a foreign country. Therefore, taxes must be paid if you sell your US property and want to reinvest it abroad. However, 1031 exchanges are allowed between one foreign property and another (so long as both are located outside of the US).

June 10, 2004

Voting While Living Abroad in US Presidential Elections

Even though you no longer have a residence in any US state, you can still vote in any US presidential election by following certain procedures mandated by the federal government. It can all be done by mail and you will vote by mail with an absentee ballot. Just click the title to this piece and you will be brought to a page that tells you how.

Status of Forces Agreements May Cause Problems

If you are living in a foreign country and do not have to pay income taxes in that country due to a status of forces agreement because you work for a civilian contractor hired by the US military or government, it may adversely affect you ability to claim the Section 911 foreign earned income exclusion. Revenue Rulings have held that for Vietnam and Japan such an agreement will not allow you to use the bonafide residence test to qualify for the exclusion. One ruling does hold that due to the facts and circumstances and wording of the status of forces agreement with the UK, a residence can still claim the exclusion.