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May 29, 2014

87 year old man owes 150% of high balance FBAR Penalty

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Maybe IRS disclosure program would have been better but he applied too late.

May 28, 2014

IRS Direct Pay Now On Line for expats

If you file form 1040 as an expat or not. You can now pay taxes and estimates on line with a direct debit by IRS to your US  bank account for no extra charge. Do it here-

May 6, 2014

Ultimate US Tax Planning for Expatriates -CITIZENSHIP SURRENDER

Read about the high number of Americans surrender their US Citizenship. Once you do, in most situations (with some exceptions) you no longer have to file US tax returns. If you first acquire citizenship in a low income tax or no income tax country you may never have to pay income taxes again. Over 1,000 surrenders were listed for the first quarter of 2014 by the IRS and State Department.

Where are the low tax or no tax countries? See list of countries and tax rates HERE

See the list of countries with zero income tax per CNBC  HERE:

We have represented and advised over a hundred expats or US residents surrender their US Citizenship (or Long Term Green Card Holders surrender their residency).  We can prepare the tax forms, and give you the guidance to surrender successfully.  As an Attorney CPA we offer our clients attorney client privilege (absolute confidentiality) and have the knowledge and experience to do all of the complex tax paperwork. If you need assistance email me at or visit my website at or   

May 1, 2014


Go to the following link for estate planning steps from CNN Money for expatriates .  If you need help from a US expat tax  Attorney  and CPA with over 32 years experience for your expat estate planning write


Download this excellent PDF reference guide to FBAR filing with answers to most questions. Need help or have further FBAR for Form 114 questions, write us at Remember FBARS now must be filed on line at   FBAR FILING SITE   and are due 6/30/14 for 2013 and cannot be extended.