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December 28, 2019


Over 30 years of Internatinal Tax and Legal Expertise by CPAs and Attorneys provide you with the answers and guidance you need:

Tax Services
  • US Expatriate Tax Planning & Return Preparation 
  • International Tax Planning for Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships and Trusts 
  • Past Year  Unfiled Returns for  Internal Revenue Service and all States 
  • International Estate Planning
  • Formation of US Corporations, Limted Liability Companies and Other Entities for use by offshore owners
  • US Nonresident Taxation
  • Corporate Expatriate Tax Equilization Assistance and Review
  • Phone and Email Consulations on all U.S. Tax Matters as affecting those living abroad and offshore.
  • Foreign bank and financial account reporting.
Tax Services for those working and residing in Mexico
  • Preparation of individual, Expatriations US Returns in coordinateions with Mexican tax law.
  • Mexican - US Business, personal and real estate tax planning.
  • Preparation of Past Year Unfiled US Tax Returns
  • Preparation of special US Tax Forms Required for those owning real estate or operating businesses in Mexico for Mexican Corporations, Fideicomisos, Mexican Bank Accounts, etc.

  • Formation of Corporations in all US States including California, Nevada, Florida and Washington
  • Formation US Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships and Partnerships for California and Nevada
  • Planning and advising on best use of US Business Entities to Achieve your Offhshore Business Goals.
  • US Estate Planning for Residents and Nonresidents
  • U.S. Real Estate Law - Purchases, Sales and Leases
  • Nonresident ownership of US Real Estate
  • Contract review and Contract Drafting

December 22, 2019

US Citizens Voting in Federal Elections While Living Abroad

Even though you live abroad full time and do not have a state of residence, you can still vote in Federal elections.

Most U.S. citizens 18 years or older who reside outside the United States are eligible to vote absentee for federal office candidates in U.S. primary and general elections. In addition, some states allow overseas citizens to vote for state and local office candidates and referendums. For information about your state, see the Voting Assistance Guide.

In some states, U.S. citizens who are 18 years or older and were born abroad but who have never resided in the United States are eligible to vote absentee. Direct your questions about eligibility to local election officials.

To learn more go to  Since you are paying for it as a US taxpayer (though living abroad) you might as well take part in directing the way your US taxes are used.  If you need help with your US taxes or estate planning, EMAIL US.

December 20, 2019

Expatriates That Owe IRS May Lose Their Passports

Over 8 million Americans are estimated to be living overseas.  Many of those live abroad due to debt and amounts owed the IRS for past taxes.  The IRS has a new program which puts those Americans in jeopardy should they return to the USA for a visit. READ MORE HERE

If you need help catching up with your taxes or entering into an offer in compromise or payment plan with the IRS for past due US income taxes, WE CAN HELP.  Email us with your questions or to set up a mini-consultation to solve your past due tax burden.  EMAIL US


December 19, 2019

2019 Year End Tax Planning for US Expatriate Taxpayers and Others

Our year end  2019 Expatriate Tax Planning Letter can be read and downloaded here (pdf file).  Read it to learn of tax law changes for 2019 and possible planning steps you can take before year end to save you money.

If you want to get started early on your 2019 expatriate tax return you can download our 2019 Expatriate Tax Questionnaire HERE. (MS word file )  After you fill it out send it to us for a fee quote and fast preparation.

If you have  US expatriate, international or US nonresident tax questions email us by clicking HERE

Our firm CPAs and Attorney have combined experience in International Taxation of over 60 years. 

December 16, 2019

Excess Foreign Tax Credits - What to do about it?

If you live in a high tax country as an expatriate and you end up with excess foreign tax credits that cannot be used to offset the tax on the same income on your US Income Tax Return, all is not lost.
Excess foreign tax credits carry over and can be used for 10 years into the future on your returns assuming you do not have enough foreign tax credits to offset the tax on your foreign income.  See the instructions to the IRS foreign tax credit form 1116.

The best solution to recover your foreign taxes when you have excess foreign tax credits, is to move to a low tax country and you can then use them.  A list of countries in the world including the highest personal income tax rate for each country is HERE   You can use this to plan for the future use of excess foreign tax credits that are carried over.

December 15, 2019

US Expatriates May Be Eligible for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Which increases for 2019

The foreign earned income exclusion has gone up for the 2019 tax year.   For the 2018 tax year, the maximum was $103,900. However, the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion 2019 maximum amount has risen to $105,900.  To be eligible to exclude this amount from your US tax return you must be a bonafide resident of a foreign country based on your physical presence for 330 days out of a 12 month fiscal year or be living and working in a foreign country for an entire calendar year.  The specific rules are set for in IRS publication 54.  

In additional to the foreign earned income exclusion an expat can exclude their housing costs so long as they exceeed a minimum amount  (see publication 54) and up to a maximum amount which may vary by country (see publication 54).

You also get a standard deduction of $24,400 if you file a joint return or $12,200 if you file as single. An additional $1,300 is added if you are aged.

We can help you reduce or save taxes you pay the US IRS.  Email us with your questions and help.  Visit our website at   We have been assisting US expatriates and US nonresidents living abroad with the US taxes for over 25 years.  Kauffman Nelson LLP, CPAs and attorney.

December 6, 2019


The link below is to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division 2019 Report.  Might be worth reading if you are worried about your situation.  Our of the 330 million plus Americans, the IRS last year only
instituted approx 1500 criminal investigations and less than 1000 resulted in criminal prosecutions.  If it does get that far, it is worth worrying about since they have a 91% conviction rate.

Download the pdf report here.... full of a lot of information that may be useful to you.

If you have personal concerns and was to discuss it with a tax attorney.  We offer mini consultations by phone, skype, whatsapp, etc.  Email us at