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April 10, 2019

Reporting Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, Foreign Assets on your 2018 Tax Return

You may be obligated to report your foreign financial accounts on line using form 114. Failure to do so may cause the IRS to assess penalties of $10,000 or more .... and there are also criminal penalties. Learn more in the Forbes article HERE

Also if you have other types of foreign assets such as foreign corporations, foreign partnerships, foreign LLCS, foreign bonds, stocks, etc. you may be required to file form 8938 with your tax return or incur the same type of penalties.  READ MORE HERE

These rules are complex and compliance with the law is important. We are here to help you with these forms or your entire US resident, US expatriate or US nonresident tax return. Email us at . We are US CPAS and Attorneys that deal exclusively with International Tax Issues and Returns.