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February 23, 2019

US Expatriates & Nonresidents With US assets -Why you Need a US Living Trust

If you have assets located in the US and want to avoid time consuming and expensive court probates
you need a living trust with respect to your US assets. Such a trust also assures you that your US assets upon your demise will go directly to the individuals you name as beneficiaries.  Read more in the Forbes articles the 10 reasons you need a a living Trust (over which you have total authority while you are alive) below.

Forbes: 10 Reasons Why You Need A Trust.

US citizens currently can bequeath over 11 million dollars in assets without incurring any estate tax. However US nonresidents with US assets will incur an estate tax on assets that exceed $60,000 in value.  There are techniques to avoid the US estate tax on nonresidents which can be used if title to your US assets are held in the proper manner. Let us know if we can help with your estate planning. Email us at We are US attorneys and CPAs. specializing in expatriates, nonresidents and international tax matters.  Visit our website at

February 8, 2019

Best Place for US Taxpayer Abroad to Form Your Foreign Corporaton?

U.S. corporations reported more foreign income in Bermuda than in any other sovereign nation in the Americas in 2016, despite having only 384 total employees located there, according to data recently released by IRS.

This may be one good indicator  if you are a US entrepreneur located  abroad where to locate your foreign corporation for best foreign tax breaks, etc.  Check Bermuda taxes out here.

Have questions on your US taxes, forms or planning for a foreign corporation you own, email us at taxmeless@gmail.con

February 4, 2019

US Expatriate, Nonresident or International Tax Consultations With An Attorney

A "MINI TAX CONSULTATION" IS NOW AVAILABLE with a US Attorney by Phone or SkypeIf you have specific tax questions on your personal situation and need to discuss it with an US expatriate international tax expert, with the protection of  Attorney-Client privilege, you can request a "Mini Consultation."   "Mini Consultation" costs a minimum of $300 US for up to 30 minutes of Mr. Nelson's professional legal tax advice over the phone, skype or by  email from any where in the world.         

  No need to visit his office.  If  you send us an outline of your situation, facts and questions in advance, we prepare in advance and this time is extremely productive and usually resolves all of your questions  within the time allowed. Over 900 U.S. expat taxpayers located everywhere in the world  have used "Mini Consultations" to resolve their tax problems and issues.  US Phone (949) 480-1235. US Fax (949) 606-9627 or we can talk on my skype address dondnelson.   Payment can easily be made by credit card, or  paypal, or direct  bank transfer. If your questions or problems are URGENT let us know and we can often schedule it on the same day. Learn More About  How your Mini Consultation Works

Don Nelson, Attorney at Law has ever 30 years experience with US expatriate, international and nonresident taxation and representing taxpayers before the IRS.  He is also a partner in Kauffman Nelson LLP Certified Public Accountants.  Read more about his background and experience.