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September 12, 2017

Determining if FBARS (forms 114, TDF 90-22.1) were filed for Prior Years or Securing Copy of Prior Year Filed FBARS

Unfortunately  in the BSA E-file system there is no  paper copy of  electronically file forms. The system allows you to save a copy of the form prior to submission  but you cannot retrieve FBAR form 114 or TDF 90-22.1  after submission . The form cannot be read except with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

 If  you were unable to save the file or your files were corrupted you need re-file the FBAR ‘s.  

You can call  313 234 6146  we can tell you what years were filed  if  you  provide the  name and  SSN and I can tell your  what years were file . but again there is not copy of an electrically file form .

Request for copies of FBAR 114 form must be made in writing :

Requests must include the following information:
Filer Name and Social Security Number or Taxpayer Indentation Number  Calendar Year (s) and a contact number 
•             A Flat fee of  $5.00 for five or fewer FBARs,
•             $1.00 for each additional item
•             Copies  will be an additional $0.15 per document .

Check or money order should be made payable to the Internal Revenue Service.
If an attorney or someone else on behalf of the citizen, attached a copy of a 2848 specific to TD F 90-22.1 or form 114 ( called FBAR) or other documentation that gives the authorization to the requestor on behalf to the citizen(s) , for questions and concerns please provide a contact number. 

Allow 90 days for completion upon receipt .    Request and payments should be mailed to:

Detroit –Federal Building ( Formally  IRS Enterprise Computing Center-Detroit)
ATTN: Verification
P O Box 32063
Detroit, MI 48232-0063

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