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February 6, 2016

IRS Filing and Payment Dates for Expatriates

Filing Deadlines

Default rule: April 15. If your “tax home” or “abode” is in the United States your filing deadline is April 15. This is the default rule.Automatic extension: June 15. If your “tax home” or “abode” is outside the United States, your deadline for filing your income tax return is June 15. This is automatic and you do not need to file anything to get it.Normal extension: Use Form 4868 (whether you qualify for the June 15 deadline or not) to make extend the filing deadline to October 15.Extra extension: Another extension is possible for some people — to December 15.Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. For people who need time in order to qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion, Form 2350 allows you to select your own filing deadline to achieve that goal.

Payment Deadlines

Default rule: The tax due on your tax return is payable on or before April 15.Some people: If you qualify for the June 15 extended deadline to file your tax return, you can pay your tax — without late payment penalties — on or before June 15. However, you will owe interest on the tax due, from April 15 until the day you pay the tax. No further extension of the payment due date is possible.

Filing Deadlines

The filing deadline rules are not too difficult to understand — after you ignore the confusing instructions for Form 4868.

Standard Rule: April 15

The standard rule is that you must file your income tax return on or before April 15. IRC § 6072(a).

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