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February 4, 2016

Dept of Justice to Go After Fbar Criminals

There will be no letup in the federal government's ongoing campaign targeting U.S. taxpayers who hide foreign accounts and attempt to evade U.S. tax obligations, a key Justice Department (DOJ) official said on Jan. 29. In 2016, tax professionals will see "additional civil enforcement actions and ongoing and new criminal investigations and prosecutions," Caroline Ciraolo, acting assistant attorney general for DOJ's Tax Division, told participants at the American Bar Association's Tax Section midyear meeting. According to Ciraolo, taxpayers who have participated in IRS voluntary disclosure programs may be contacted and interviewed by the agency and DOJ as part of their ongoing cooperation. "Taxpayers who filed returns and FBARs [Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts] pursuant to the streamlined filing procedures or the Delinquent International Information Return or FBAR submission procedures should be very concerned if they falsely claimed to have engaged in non-willful conduct or acted with reasonable cause," Ciraolo said. In addition, "financial institutions and individuals who have facilitated the concealment of offshore accounts and the evasion of U.S. tax obligations would be well advised to anticipate an investigation and consider voluntarily disclosing any criminal activity to the department before they become the subject of an investigation," she said. Ciraolo noted that over the past year, her division has bolstered its staffing with the addition of 80 attorneys who are receiving the appropriate training. Ciraolo's complete prepared remarks can be viewed

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