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October 18, 2015

IRS Collecting $8 Billion from Offshore Tax Compliance Push

Read in Accounting Today how the IRS is collecting taxes from expatriate taxpayers.  They have over 54,000 taxpayers that have come forward in the Offshore Disclosure Programs or Streamlined Programs.  That still leaves a lot of taxpayers out there who have not yet complied with the US tax rules because there are approximately 8.3 million Americans living abroad.  Do not wait until they catch you through FATCA or through the over 36 signed OECD agreements where the US and other countries have agreed to mutually exchange tax information on their residents.

The IRS  has stressed that it remains committed to stopping offshore tax evasion wherever it occurs, and even though the agency has faced several years of budget reductions, the IRS continues to pursue cases throughout the world.


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