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June 21, 2011

Foreign Bank and Financial Account Report (FBAR)(TDF 90-22.1) is due 6/30/11 and cannot be extended.

Form TDF 90-22.1 to report your foreign financial and bank accounts is due 6/30/11 and cannot be extended. There is a penalty of $10,000 or more for not filing this form or filing it late.  It is filed separately from your US tax return.

  • The FBAR form and instructions can be downloaded here.
  • The FBAR must be filed if the combined highest balances in your foreign bank accounts, pension accounts, stock brokerage accounts, etc. equal or exceed $10,000 at any time during 2010.
  • If you have not filed this form in past years but are required to, the IRS can busject you to much greater penalties and criminal prosecution unless you enter the 2011 IRS Voluntary Offshore Disclosure Program which may reduce your penalties and stop possible criminal prosecution by its deadline 8/31/11.
  • The IRS is currently securing lists of US depositors from foreign banks and financial institutions and will be checking in the future and imposing penalties if they discover you should have filed this form and did not do so.
  • Failing to file this form has much more serious monetary and criminal consequences in most situations than failing to file your personal tax returns late.
Please contact us for a mini consultation if you wish a consultation protected by Attorney client privilege on your personal situation.  We have helped hundreds of expatriates catch up with their past unfiled returns and FBAR forms.

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