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October 3, 2012


If you sign your return and check "No" on schedule B indicating you have no foreign bank accounts that need to be reported (when you actually did have accounts) the Court has held that act alone shows willful failure to file the FBAR form. The taxpayer was fined $200,000 for failing to file the FBAR for tax year 2000.  READ MORE HERE           

Another issue we are often asked about if how far back will the IRS go to seek information from Foreign Banks on US holders of accounts. The IRS is now asking Liechtenstein Landesbanks for records going back to 2004. This is the first announcement that clearly indicates if you have not been filing FBAR forms for past years it is best to go back and file those forms now. The statute of limitations is six years on FBAR forms for the IRS to seek civil and criminal penalties.

We recommend if you are required to file the form all taxpayers immediately file their FBARs before the IRS gets lists from foreign banks.  They will be cross-checking the information on the banks lists with those who have filed FBARs.  Anyone who has not filed is subject to criminal penalties and monetary penalties up to 1/2 the highest balance in each account for each year that the FBAR is not filed.

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