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August 12, 2019


Many clients and potential clients have asked us what other services do we provide other than tax US tax return preparation.  A list of some of those services are included below: 

  • Phone and internet  mini -consultations with individual taxpayers  in connection with expatriate, nonresident and international tax planning and questions.
  • Phone and internet consultations with CPAs and Enrolled Agents that require advice or consultation on International, Nonresident and Expatriate US tax forms, rules and regulations.
  • Assist taxpayers preparing their own tax returns with questions and the preparation of international, nonresident and expatriate tax forms
  • Review of your self prepared returns that contain international, expatriate and nonresident tax issues and forms.
  • Formation on US corporations, LLCs and Partnerships for expatriates and most states.
  • IRS and State Tax Agency defense against audits and assessments.
Almost no firms offer the combined expertise of CPAs and Attorneys at reasonable fees. Contact with your questions, and for information.  CONTACT US HERE BY EMAIL.  We have been doing nonresident, expatriate and international taxes for over 25 years.  Call us in the US at 949-480-1235.

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