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May 27, 2019

Reducing or Eliminating 951a GILTI Tax on Conrolled Foreign Corporations

Many clients want to reduce or eliminate the new tax for 2018 and beyond on the undistributed earnings of their controlled foreign corporations (over 50% ownership in the hands of US taxpayers). This replaces the old regime where profits left in foreign corporations (except in certain specific types of situations) are not taxed until distributed as dividends or wages.

The new  IRS Section 951a is complex and often hits  US owners of small foreign corporations. The tax on the earnings which are deemed distributed actually is assessed on the 1040 (or other US tax form) of the owner of the corporation though a deemed distribution (Subpart F) which is included with the shareholders other income.  READ MORE ABOUT HOW TO AVOID  OR REDUCE THE GILTI 951A TAX HERE

If you own a controlled  foreign corporation we can provide you with guidance and help you eliminate or reduce this new tax on deemed distributions of its profits.  Email us at with your questions or for help.   Don Nelson, Tax Attorney

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