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March 6, 2016

Move Your Business Abroad and Reduce or Eliminate Your US Taxes!

By Don D. Nelson, International Tax Attorney at Law

You can operate your sole proprietorship or corporate  business from a foreign country and secure terrific US tax advantages.  Depending on the country you chose, you may reduce your living expenses, and improve your lifestyle. We have helped hundreds of small business owners move their businesses abroad to achieve the maximum US tax savings and achieve an improved lifestyle. As an attorney and partner in a CPA firm we can offer you international legal and tax expertise which is difficult to find except with the largest and most expensive international law and accounting firms.

You can take advantage of the US offshore tax breaks with all types of businesses including almost all internet based businesses, programming, consulting, employee recruiting businesses, and many other types of  businesses.  What are the US tax advantages?

For 2016 there is a $101,300 exclusion for both you and your spouse(who also gets an exclusion) from US income taxes on the salary you earn abroad from your business operated abroad if you qualify under the physical presence test or the bonafide residence test.You get to deduct part of your  foreign housing costs (the foreign housing exclusion or housing deduction) abroad including rents paid, utilities, and maintenance on your personal residence.

You can claim credits against your US tax for all or part of the foreign income taxes you might have to pay on your income.Your can eliminate your US social security or self employment tax burden.With the proper structure you can still maintain a US business address and keep your US phones.You can set up US pension plans for shelter any earnings in excess of your foreign earned income exclusion.

You can use a foreign corporation to shelter your business income from US tax until the funds are paid out to you as a salary or as dividends.You can stop paying expensive taxes to a US state in most situations.Deduct on your tax return the expenses of moving yourself and your business abroad.We can help you avoid tax and compliance mistakes which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in penalties and interest.If you plan to move your business abroad, or are thinking about it, contact us for help structuring the move for the best US tax  and legal advantages.  

We can help you determine the best US and foreign entities to use and structure the business for the ultimate US tax advantages. We can work with a CPA or Attorney in the country you wish to locate to help you also achieve the optimum results in your new country of residence.

With the proper planning you can achieve in most situations significant tax savings relocating your business and your family.  Please email or call us secure our expert assistance. We have been helping expats with their foreign businesses and relocation for over 35 years. Email: web:

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