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January 18, 2016

IRS Taxpayer Service Hits All Time Low for 2016

Don't count on the IRS for help this year. Only 38 percent of phone inquiries get answered. There are 15,000 fewer employers and the organization is suffering from a huge budget cuts.  The good news is that your chance of audit is about 1 percent and with respect to expatriate and international taxes the very few IRS personnel have any expertise.

The IRS keeps coming up with new forms, new rules and new procedures. Therefore, complying with your tax filing obligations and planning is becoming more complex daily and they are no longer there to help.

So when you have questions on your nonresident, expatriate or international US taxes this year, you may want to consider asking the expert CPAs and Attorneys at our firm.  We offer a mini consultation by phone, email, whatsapp, or skype that allocates up to 1/2 hour of time to answer your questions and help you with a tax strategy for your particular situation.  Write us to request a mini consultation


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