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June 27, 2013

FBAR Must be filed On Line by June 30, 2013 for 2012 - On Line Form Has a Flaw which may cause trouble

The FBAR form (TDF 90-22.1) (report of foreign bank and financial accounts) must be filed by 6/30/13 on line to avoid potentially horrendous penalties.  The process is fairly simple, but has one glitch. After you
register, and are given access to the form (which looks just like the paper form), to finally submit the form you must enter a PIN number which the screens says was sent to you by email (at your the email address you gave when you registered). That statement often is not true. Many have never received a pin number by email and you cannot file the form without the  8 digit PIN number.

You can get your pin number by going back to the main screen and looking at the left hand column for the link there that mentions PIN in its description.  Click on that link and you can then receive a new PIN number and then go back to the submission screen, enter it, and you are done. Be certain to print out your proof of filing and keep track of your user name and password for next year.  This handy hint may save you 40 minutes or more waiting on the help line for them to explain to you that the website is not correct and then tell you where to find the PIN number.

The link to register to file your FBAR on line is at:

After June, paper form filings will not be allowed. If you try to file on paper, your form must arrive by 6/28/13.  Unlike tax forms, date of postmark does not count!

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