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June 4, 2013

Accelerated FBAR Filing Deadline in 2013

In general, FBARs must be received by the U.S. Treasury Department by
June 30. Because June 30, 2013, falls on a Sunday, FBAR filers should
plan to have their 2012 FBARs received by Treasury by Friday, June 28,
2013. Unlike income tax filings, the FBAR due date is not extended to the
next business day when the deadline falls on a weekend. In addition,
unlike income tax filings, there is no “mailbox rule” with respect to
FBARs, so the deadline is measured by the date received, not the date

 The FBAR should be delivered to the address shown in the
instructions to the FBAR (Rev. January 2012). A street address is provided
in the FBAR instructions if an express delivery service is used. Although
paper filings still are acceptable for timely filed 2012 FBARs, filings made
after June 30, 2013, are required to be done electronically (using the BSA
E-Filing System). 

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