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May 27, 2013

Will the IRS use the internet, linked in, facebook, etc. to locate expatriate and offshore tax cheaters?

Will the IRS copy the Swedish Tax Agency tactics to find US offshore tax cheaters? They found out about a Swedish taxpayers offshore activities on Linkedin and found  they owed $750,000 in back taxes on unreported income.  The IRS will certainly use this tactic soon, if they have not started already.  READ MORE HERE                             
Offshore Tax Fraud Criminal Captured

The IRS has a long standing policy that if a taxpayer comes forward first (prior to their discovery) and makes them self current with past unfiled returns and unreported income, they will almost always waive criminal prosecution (up to five years in jail). Therefore, based on the information out there on the internet, it is best to come forward before it is too late. We can help. We have advised or assisted hundreds of taxpayers catch up and correct past returns with great success.  Visit our website at or email  We offer "attorney-client" privilege for total confidentiality and privacy.

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