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January 11, 2012

IRS Used "Bait and Switch" Tactics in Prior Offshore Disclosure Programs per the Taxpayer Advocate Office

This Article from  CNBC describes  the less than ethical actions (or perhaps straightforward)  of the IRS in connection with the 2009 and 2011 Voluntary Disclosure Program.  Many taxpayers paid more than they had to pay if they had not entered the program and the IRS took it!  The Taxpayer Advocate Office of the IRS whose job it is to monitor the IRS and correct problems, errors and this type of actions included this information in their report to Congress.  READ ARTICLE HERE

The IRS has announced a new Offshore Disclosure Program for 2012 and perhaps beyond which will  be mostly the same as the 2011 program with some changes which the IRS has stated they will provide further details in the next few weeks.  It is not too late to enter the program and perhaps reduce your penalties.  With proper representation by an experienced Attorney and CPA, you will be protected from the IRS "Bait and Switch."

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