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October 2, 2011

If You Failed to Enter the IRS Offshore Disclosure Program (At Risk Taxpayers)

You should immediately seek competent legal and tax advice on how best to proceed  with filing your past tax returns and IRS foreign asset reporting forms now that the September 9, 2011 deadline has passed, if you failed to enter the Program.

Most delinquent t taxpayers  that have not disclose their foreign assets, filed the special IRS Offshore Forms, or have not filed their tax returns for past years probably do not face criminal action, but may incur horrendous penalties which grow worse the longer they wait to come forward.  You alternatives are now fewer than they used to be but there are still steps you can take.

There are no clear preferable courses of action but if you talk with a professional and learn your alternatives, it will help you make a decision on planning your future course of action.  Best to talk with an  experienced  tax attorney in any event to give yourself the privacy and confidentiality of attorney-client privilege. Contact us to make an appointment for a phone or skype consultation to discuss your individual situation and create a strategy to proceed.  Offshore Disclosure Email.

To read more about the IRS General Disclosure Program click here.

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