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August 24, 2012

Why You Need Expert Tax CPAs and Attorneys

The following items are some of the reasons you need expert tax help with your return and tax  planning:
  • The US tax code and explanatory rulings and regulations has grown from   400  pages in 1913           to  73,608  pages today.
  • The IRS by its own admission only answers 75% of the phone calls it receives from taxpayers.
  • The IRS has over 100,000 employees and therefore has become a very complex and sometimes disorganized bureaucracy. 
  • 4,428 changes have been made to the US Tax Code during the past 10 years. That averages over 1 change per day.
  • Businesses and individuals spend 6.1 Billion hours each year complying with US tax filing requirements.
  • Sixty percent of all individual taxpayers hire someone to do their tax returns.
  • The IRS estimates each taxpayer in 2001 paid an average of $2,200 each year to make up for the taxes owed by those who did not file, or cheated on the tax return they did file.
  • The US Expatriate and International tax forms, laws and regulation are so complex that most CPAs and Enrolled Agents do not know enough to help taxpayers with Expatriate or International Tax Deeds.

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