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May 13, 2012

10 IRS Rules for Stress-Free Foreign Financial Accounts

See the article HERE from Forbes Magazine for these ten rules: Remember financial accounts also  include foreign pension accounts, gold held in another's  vault, foreign contracts you are collecting payments and interest on, cash surrender value of foreign life insurance, positive balances (you are owed the money) in foreign credit cards,  foreign stock broker accounts, and any other manner of foreign financial asset.  Interesting enough it does not include real estate if held in your own name.  All of these items must also be included in Form 8938 if you are required to file.

Interestingly enough foreign real estate only has to be reported as a foreign assets if you hold it in a foreign corporation, partnership, LLC, or trust.  If you hold it in your own name and do not rent it out, you do not have to tell the government anything about it.  This also holds true with respect to gold, cash, diamonds, etc. located abroad and kept in your matters or personal foreign safe.

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