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January 17, 2012

2011 Chinese Taxes for Expatriates Living in China

China Briefing has an excellent article stating the rules for US expatriates living in China with respect to their Chinese Income Tax Filing Requirements. The rates run for 3% to 45%.  READ MORE HERE

Of course the income taxes you pay in China can be credited against our US income tax rate, and any  excess (above the US tax amount on the same income) can be carried back 2 years and then carried over. To download our US expat tax questionnaire CLICK HERE


Anonymous said...

Do US expats have to furnish their overseas returns to IRS?

Don D. Nelson said...

You do not have to attach it to your US return, but may be required to supply your China tax return to the IRS if audited. Audits of expat are increasing substantially since a study has shown that many have incorrect returns.