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December 30, 2011

FATCA Produces Fear Among US Expatriates and Foreign Banks

US Expatriates living Abroad and Foreign Financial Institutions are all in fear of the "sledge hammer" rules they must comply with in order to satisfy the IRS reporting rules on accounts owned by US taxpayers.  Some foreign banks are refusing to open bank accounts for US taxpayers in order to avoid having to comply with the extensive FATCA report rules.

 US taxpayers with sufficient foreign assets will have to start filing form 8938 with their 2012 tax returns which could take up to three hours to complete. That new form is in addition to the existing foreign assets reporting forms which must be filed which include Forms TDF 90-22.1, 5471, 8865, 3520, etc.

Taxpayers and financial institutions that fail to comply with the foreign assets tax reporting rules face severe monetary penalties and possible criminal prosecution.  We can help you avoid these dire consequences.

Read more  in  this New York Times Article

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