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November 9, 2011

Expats Guide to Surviving and IRS Audit

The Chairman of Thomson Reuters China has written a guide to help expats survive IRS audits. In the past several years the IRS has hired thousands of new personnel in its International Division and the number of expatriate tax audits are increasing dramatically and will continue to increase in the future. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

The IRS has discovered that tens of thousands of expats are taking the incorrect foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credits which has directly resulted in the increase in Tax Audits. Taxpayers who do their own returns on consumer tax return software often make errors on their returns due to lack of guidance. Remember all such errors may result in additional taxes due, interest and penalties which can often be very high.

  Our firm has represented hundreds of taxpayers in IRS audits with great success. Please email us if you need help. Thanks.

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