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October 27, 2011

US Nonresidents with Assets in the US will have their US Estates Subject to US up to 34% estate taxes

US nonresidents with certain assets located in the United States will cause their estates to have to file US Estate Tax returns on the value of their assets (with some exceptions) located in the USA. The tax is based on the Fair Market Value of their Assets and can be up to 35%. Nonresidents only get an exemption from this tax equal to the first $60,000 value of the fair market value of their assets in the US. The balance  of the estate's assets are subject to the estate tax.  Real estate which was owned by a deceased nonresident is subject to this tax.  The estate can only deduct the mortgage balance due from the fair market value if the estate agrees to report to the IRS the value an details of the decedents worldwide assets including those in Mexico.

Due to the large chunk this estate tax can take out of a nonresident's estate, it is best to do some advance planning to attempt to reduce it.  Email us if you want help. Read more about the nonresident  estate tax here

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