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September 29, 2011

US Expats Living Abroad can Get An Additional 2 month Extension of Time to File 2010 returns until December 15th.

US Expats living abroad on 4/15, get an automatic extension to file  their returns until 6/15. On June 15th  if you file Form 4868 an expat can get an additional extension until October 17th.

Now expats can secure an additional extension of time to file their return until December 15th,  if they send in a letter by October 15th requesting an additional two months of time to file their 2010 income tax return. We strongly recommend the letter be sent by certified mail return receipt since you will not hear back from the IRS unless your request is denied.  You must state the reason(s) you need the additional time in the letter.  The letter should be mailed to: Department of the Treasury , Internal Revenue Service Center, Austin, TX 73301-0215. You can read more about this additional extension request on page 4 of   IRS publication 54.

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