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May 29, 2011

US Tax Ramifications of Forming a Foreign Corporation to Do Business Abroad

There are significant consequences (on your US tax return) when you form a foreign corporation in a country outside of the USA to operate your business or make investments in any other country in the world. Most offshore accountants and attorneys do not know enough about US international taxation to advise you of the consequences which should be considered in advanced.  It is much harder to correct the US tax problems which WILL occur later if you do not do your US tax planning in advance.

You need to consider the following US IRS reporting and election consequences:

  • Controlled foreign corporation rules
  • Subpart F income possibilities
  • Passive foreign investment company rules.
  • Possible Flow Through Election for US tax purposes.
  • Subpart F personal holding company rules
  • The need to file FBAR forms to report foreign bank accounts
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Possible Tax on Transferring intangible property and tangible property to a foreign corporation
We can help you plan your foreign corporation structure to avoid unpleasant and possibly expensive consequences for failing to consider the rules set forth above.  Many of these items are difficult to deal with after you have already formed your foreign corporation.

Keep in mind their are also special rules which apply to foreign partnerships, foreign LLCs and foreign trusts which must also be considered.

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