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May 29, 2011

US Expatriate Tax Return Extension

US Expats get an automatic extension to file their IRS Form 1040 returns until 6/15/11 for 2010 if they live abroad on 4/15.  You can get a further extension until 10/15/11 if you file for one prior to 6/15 using form 4868.  We will electronically file that form for you without charge providing you ask us to prepare your expat return.  That form also extends the due date of Forms 5471, 8865, 3520 and form 5500EZ.

Though not officially confirmed by the IR S, many articles have appeared in the media stating extending your tax returns does reduce your chances of IRS Audit.  We have found that true in our 30 years of experience.  Therefore, extending your return even though it might be completed might be an excellent idea.

Keep in mind an extension does not extend the time you must pay any taxes due from the regular 4/15 date.  If you do not any taxes due, penalties and interest will accrue until any tax due for 2010 is paid in full.

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