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May 16, 2011

US Expatriate Tax Return Due Dates

  • Your US expatriate tax return is due 6/15/11 if you lived and worked abroad on 4/15/11 for tax year 2010.  It can be extended until 10/15/11 if an extension is filed before that date. Please contact us if you wish assistance filing that extension or wish to determine how much needs to be paid in (if any tax is due) at that time to stop interest and penalties from accruing.
  • Your FBAR Form - TDF 90-22.1  (foreign bank account and financial account reporting form) must be received by the IRS by 6/30/11 for the tax year 2010 and cannot be extended for any reason. There is a $10,000 penalty that may be imposed for late filing.
  • Your required forms for foreign corporations, foreign partnerships and LLCs,  and disregarded foreign entities must be filed by the regular or extended due date for your personal tax return.
  • Your Form 3520 for foreign trusts must be filed separately from your personal tax return, but is due by the extended due date of your personal tax return.
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