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April 15, 2011

General Electrics Zero Tax Bill Involves Utilization of Legal US Tax Code Provisions Available to Expats with their own Businesses Located Abroad

The New York Times has an excellent article describing how General Electric has managed to reduce its tax bill by legally locating its business in low tax countries and utilizing provisions of the US tax code that apply to Foreign Corporations.  If you have your own small to medium business abroad, you too can take advantage of this type of tax planning even though you are not as big as GE.  We can help.

As the company expanded abroad, the portion of its profits booked in low-tax countries such as Ireland and Singapore grew far faster. From 1996 through 1998, its profits and revenue in the United States were in sync — 73 percent of the company’s total. Over the last three years, though, 46 percent of the company’s revenue was in the United States, but just 18 percent of its profits.

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