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November 15, 2012

Why US Expats and Residents May want to give gifts or do Estate Planning Before Year End

It might be wise for everyone to consider making gifts before year end to their children or other loved ones and consider other estate planning strategies. Previously its was thought Congress might extend the currently generous annual gift tax exclusion and the lifetime estate and gift tax exemption which is until the end of 2012 over $5 million.  In 2013 the exclusion will go back to $1 million.

Nonresidents (not a US Citizen or permanent resident) only get a $60,000 exclusion with respect to estate taxes on their assets located in the US.

If Congress decides the funds are needed next year due to the "Fiscal Cliff" they may not extend the current exemptions and now is the time to act.  Read more in the following Forbes Article Will the Estate and Gift Tax Boomerang?

We can help you with revise or amend your living trust, wills, and successfully make last minute gifts to tax advantage of the current rules which may end 12/31/12. Email us at 

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