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September 22, 2012

UAE to Join the Network to Exchange Tax Data with US and Other Countries

The UAE is expected shortly to join the  OCED which is the network of countries that join have joined together to share economic data which includes tax data on residents of those countries with other members of the OCED.  The USA is a member of the OCED which means US expats living in those other countries will have their income and other  financial information reported to the US International. Do not make the mistake of thinking because the United Arab Emirates has no income taxes information on your will not be sent to the IRS.. READ MORE HERE ABOUT THE UAE tax information sharing arrangement.

For an up to date list of the OCED members who are sharing tax information with each other CLICK HERE.  If you live and work on one of these countries, your income and financial information will ultimately or may have already been shared with the IRS.

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