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December 21, 2010

Self Employed Expatriates Must Set Up 401K Pension Plan by End of Year

As a self employed US Expatriate you have until 12/31 to set up a Keogh 401K self employed pension plan to use for  the 2010 tax year if you have not previously established one. You do not have to make the contribution until the extended due date of your personal tax return for 2010.  You can only make a deductible contribution (or any contribution) if the net profit from your self employed business exceeds the foreign earned income exclusion which is $91,500 for 2010.

Best places to set up a 401K plan in short time remaining is on line with Fidelity,  Charles Schwab, Etrade or  other on line broker.

The same rule holds true if you have a US corporation or LLC operating your business but you work for it abroad. Any corporate pension plan must be set up by 12/31, though the contributions need not be made until the extended due date of the entities return.

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